WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

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About SiteGround

SiteGround‘s hosting services are crafted to make managing websites easy, whether you’re building a site for yourself, your small business, or your clients.

We host over 2.8 Million domain names on a powerful Google Cloud Platform infrastructure, optimized with an array of in-house tools for seamless, faster and more secure WordPress performance:

  • Fast: Choose from multiple data centers across USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia, complemented by over 170 CDN edge network locations with our free CDN to improve website performance. Powerful built-in Caching, custom PHP setup, and SiteGround Optimizer plugin for WordPress to make your sites up to 5 times faster right out of the box.
  • Secure: Advanced security on server, website, and application level with a free SSL, advanced built-in Web Application Firewall, SiteGround Security plugin, in-house antispam protection and AI-powered anti-bot system to keep your websites safe.
  • Easy to manage: Build or transfer WordPress projects in a few clicks with our WordPress Starter and Automatic website and Email Migrators. Manage multiple sites in one place hassle-free, get automatic core and plugin updates, add team collaborators, ship sites to clients, manage white-label hosting, and many more handy features to keep all the control, but spare you the hassle of website management.

Our long-term expertise in helping WordPress users succeed online extends into our award-winning  SiteGround Optimizer and SiteGround Security; plugins, free to download and install on any hosting platform.