WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

The Impact of Bad ARIA on Web Accessibility

This talk aims to shed light on the consequences of incorrect ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) implementation. In this presentation, Rashmi Katakwar will discuss the good intentions behind ARIA usage and how developers can unknowingly fall into the trap of bad ARIA due to insufficient knowledge.

She will brief the five rules of ARIA, with a particular emphasis on the common saying that “No ARIA is better than bad ARIA.” Through real-life examples, such as dissecting a code snippet, the audience will gain a deeper understanding of the impact of bad ARIA implementation. The talk will also highlight common mistakes, such as the misuse of ARIA roles, properties, and states, and their consequences on accessibility.

In conclusion, Rashmi will emphasize that ARIA should not be treated as mere code decoration but rather as a powerful tool for supporting users with assistive technology. Basic testing with assistive technology will be emphasized as a means to provide a better accessible experience. The talk will address the increasing awareness of ARIA techniques but stress the importance of using them judiciously. By attending this talk, participants will gain valuable insights into the potential pitfalls of bad ARIA and learn how to harness its power effectively for improved web accessibility.

Session Video


Headshot of Rashmi, smiling
Web Accessibility Consultant