WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

Making a Visual Tool Accessible to Screen Readers

September 28, 2023 at 05:00

Presented by

Equalize Digital

Equalize Digital recently released a “front-end highlighting” feature for their WordPress Accessibility Checker plugin. This feature allows users to visually go through accessibility issues on the front end of their website, with the aim of helping users more easily see where flagged elements are located. When creating this feature, the Equalize team wanted to ensure that screen reader users could use it and that it would provide value without sight.

This lightning talk will discuss special considerations for ensuring a “visual” tool works for people with blindness or low vision, how it was tested, and future enhancements being considered.

Session Video


Amber Hinds is a woman in her 30's with fair skin, rosy cheeks, and light brown hair
Lead Organizer, Marketing Lead, CEO of Equalize Digital