WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

How to Address Accessibility and Privacy to Help Avoid Fines and Lawsuits

We as website owners have an opportunity to not only respect the privacy rights of our website visitors, but to also ensure our websites can properly be accessed by all individuals, regardless of any disabilities. Not only does this help website owners comply with laws (and avoid non-compliance fines or lawsuits), but it also helps demonstrate professionalism and maximizes exposure to as broad of an audience as possible.

In this presentation, Donata Skillrud (attorney) and Hans Skillrud (former agency owner) will discuss the crossroads between privacy and accessibility, what to keep in mind when addressing both sets of regulations, and the actionable steps you can take as a website owner (or agency) to ensure you deploy websites that are both accessible as well as privacy compliant.

Session Video


Donata is a woman with long dark hair. She is smiling in the photo and is standing in front of a brick background.
President, Termageddon, LLC
Hans Skillrud is a white man in his late thirties who has a big smile but not a lot of hair on the top of his head (He likes to think he's not 'losing hair', rather he's 'growing face'). Hans has blue eyes and is wearing a blue long sleeve shirt and is sitting indoors in front of a brick background.
Cofounder and Vice President, Termageddon LLC