WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

CSS + Accessibility: Inclusion Through User Choice

Every day we have a series of choices to make. Get up early to work out or hit the snooze button? Double foam mocha latte or decaf green tea? Tabs or spaces? Our choices — even the small ones — shape our identities and help frame how we see the world.

Today we expect multiple options when choosing products and services, but then settle for subpar user interfaces and digital experiences others choose for us. While we designers and developers might have insights into what a user wants — how can anyone truly know what 7.8+ billion people prefer at any given moment?

Thankfully, we don’t need to guess! In her talk, Carie will go over ways to build more inclusive user options by combining the ever-increasing power of CSS media queries with human-focused insights of digital accessibility.

Session Video


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Independent Accessibility Consultant and Trainer