WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

Accessibility Beyond Blindness

Oftentimes when we speak of web accessibility, our minds can immediately go to optimizing for the visually impaired – and then we stop there. Equally important to consider are those with neurodivergence, learning challenges, poor internet connections, unique devices, and more. Designers, developers, marketers, and content creators who work on website content need to be thinking of a wide variety of users to make a website as accessible as it can be. Things like color contrast, ALT text, and screen readers are vital to those with a visual impairment, but there are also practices to keep in mind for others. In this talk, Allie Nimmons will discuss best practices for building accessible WordPress sites that include, but do not primarily center, blind users.

Session Video


Allie Nimmons is a black woman in her 30s with an orange sweater, glasses, recording headset, and big friendly smile.
Owner, Beedia Productions