WordPress Accessibility Day 2023


Learn more about the people sharing their expertise during WordPress Accessibility Day.

Allie Nimmons is a black woman in her 30s with an orange sweater, glasses, recording headset, and big friendly smile.

Allie Nimmons

Owner, Beedia Productions

Aurooba Ahmed is a south asian woman in her early thirties with medium length dark brown hair, she's smiling at the camera with a slight tilt to her head

Aurooba Ahmed

Web Developer, Aurooba Makes

Birgit Olzem is a white woman in her 40's with short brown hair and a big smile. Wearing reading glasses like a tiara and a white scarf with different colored dots.

Birgit Olzem

WordPress Specialist | #WPDiversity Advocate, CoachBirgit Media

Brian is a white man in his 30s with short brown hair and facial hair

Brian Coords

WordPress Developer

Smiling white woman with blonde hair

Carie Fisher

Independent Accessibility Consultant and Trainer

Caroline is a white woman in her 30's with wavy auburn hair, bangs, and freckles.

Caroline Desrosiers

Founder & CEO, Scribely

Danielle is standing in front of a brick wall wearing glasses and has short dark hair shaved on the sides. They are wearing a black and red plaid shirt under a heather blue sweater with sunglasses hanging off.

Danielle Zarcaro

Founder, Overnight Website by Kinetic Iris

Deneb is a white man with short brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Deneb Pulsipher

Captain Accessible, SeaMonster Studios

Donata is a woman with long dark hair. She is smiling in the photo and is standing in front of a brick background.

Donata Stroink-Skillrud

President, Termageddon, LLC

Gen Herres is a white woman in her 40’s with long brown hair and a big friendly smile.

Gen Herres

WordPress Developer, Anphira, LLC

Gerson is a male in his 30s with brown skin, shoulder-length hair, and a shy smile

Gerson Lacdao

Developer, Desert Wing Design

Gian Wild is a white plus-size woman with short blonde hair with a big smile

Gian Wild

CEO, AccessibilityOz

Hans Skillrud is a white man in his late thirties who has a big smile but not a lot of hair on the top of his head (He likes to think he's not 'losing hair', rather he's 'growing face'). Hans has blue eyes and is wearing a blue long sleeve shirt and is sitting indoors in front of a brick background.

Hans Skillrud

Cofounder and Vice President, Termageddon LLC

Helen is wearing glasses with her golden hair in a bob, smiling at the camera.

Helen Burge

Director, Digital Accessibility, Testlio

Jennison Asuncion at Data Con LA.

Jennison Asuncion

Co-Founder, Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) and the GAAD Foundation

Man with glasses

Jonathan Whiting

Director of Training, WebAIM

Joni Halabi is a white woman in her 40s with curly dark hair and glasses. She is sitting facing away from a desk with an open laptop whose screen is displaying SCSS code in Visual Studio.

Joni Halabi

Senior Web Developer, Georgetown University

Gaby, cheerfully smiling at the camera, with a living wall of plants serving as the background.

Maria Gabriela (Gaby) Gandica

UX Manager, Smartmatic

Picture of a gentlemen wearing a blazer and sunglasses.

Mark Cadigan

Cofounder, GetBraille.com

Mark Steadman is a white male in his 30's with medium thick beard, and a white sox cap on backwards.

Mark Steadman

Director, Mobile Accessibility, Fidelity Investments

Merary is a Latina from Costa Rica with short hair and a big friendly smile.

Merary Alvarado

Accessibility Specialist, Alinea Consulting Services

Morgan Kay is a middle-aged white woman, with long brown hair worn in a single braid. In this picture, she is wearing a purple t-shirt and has a big smile.

Morgan Kay

Software Engineer, Rocketgenius

Peter is a 60 year old white man with darkish hair, salt & pepper beard, and light smile

Peter Ingersoll

WordPress Builder, Maintainer, and Trainer, Ingersoll Interactive

Priti Rohra

Priti Rohra

Chief Accessibility Officer, BarrierBreak

Headshot of Rashmi, smiling

Rashmi Katakwar

Web Accessibility Consultant

Rian is already a bit older, with grey and blond half long straight hair, green eyes, smiling.

Rian Rietveld

Web Accessibility Expert, The A11y Collective

Sandi Gauder is a woman with long silver hair wearing glasses and smiling at the camera.

Sandi Gauder

Web Developer and Educator, CMS Web Solutions

Tanja, a lady with long dark hair.

Tanja Milojevic

Cofounder, GetBraille.com