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Tanja, a lady with long dark hair.

Tanja Milojevic (she/her)



United States

About Tanja Milojevic

Born prematurely in Serbia, Tanja Milojevic had retinal detachment due to incubator use, and was diagnosed with retinopathy of prematurity at age one. She had several surgeries on both eyes in the United States, but the result was only partial success. At age five, she was diagnosed with open and closed angle glaucoma in both eyes. Her medical visa helped her make a permanent home in the U.S. with her family near Boston, where she began her mainstream public education.

Advocacy is essential to Tanja, who attended public school all her life, and learned to advocate for her rights along with her family. She set early self-imposed goals of learning Braille and mobility in preparation for the gradual transition to losing all her vision later in life. She pushed the school system to take a dual-learning approach and provide both print and Braille materials. In high school and college she also advocated to improve the experiences of other visually-impaired students coming into those institutions.

At Simmons College, Tanja received her guide dog, Wendell, and developed audio production and on-air skills, making her own radio dramas and starting her podcast, Lightning Bolt Theater of the Mind. Her internships at the Constituent Services Office under Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, WGBH Media Access Group, and Easter Seals provided her with opportunities to learn about advocacy and assist people with disabilities.

Tanja graduated from Simmons College with a double minor in Radio Communications and Special Education Moderate Disabilities with a BA in English Writing. She then pursued a Master’s degree in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy from UMASS Boston’s Vision Studies Program while teaching adults with visual impairments at the Carroll Center for the Blind and Perkins School for the Blind.

At Perkins Library, Tanja worked in Braille production, providing Braille and large print to a wide variety of organizations and individuals. She also works as a freelance voiceover artist and is now partners with X Tracks, International Digital Center, and AudioEye to provide quality audio description. Tanja is passionate about giving back to the blindness community by bringing more quality audio descriptions and advocating for access. She currently works with her guide dog Nabu.

In June 2022, Tanja co-founded GetBraille.com, a company that converts materials into Braille, large print, or audio-alternative formats for individuals with print disabilities. The company’s mission is to provide accessible materials for school, work, home, and leisure activities. GetBraille.com produces high-quality materials that adhere to the Braille Authority of North America and American Printing House for the Blind standards. Their team provides jumbo/contracted/uncontracted UEB Braille on adhesive-backed plastic and braille paper, large print documents laid out in a linear fashion with minimal graphics, and electronic versions of large print documents in word/PDF/braille ready formats. They also offer audio information in various forms, including screen reading TTS solutions, audio books, and podcasts. Additionally, they support simple tactile graphics and are ramping up to offer assistive technology and educational solutions in the future.