WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

Priti Rohra

Priti Rohra (She/Her)

Chief Accessibility Officer



About Priti Rohra

Priti Rohra, IAAP CPWA, is a veteran in the field of digital accessibility. A person with low vision, she entered into the digital accessibility world 20 years ago to ensure the perspective of people with visual impairments was included and their technology needs were met. Soon she developed a keen interest in finding out how people with other types of disabilities access digital content and what are the technology options available to them. This kickstarted her accessibility journey and helped her become a keen student in the digital accessibility space. From assistive technologies to accessibility standards, guidelines, and applying her expertise across software, web, mobile, documents and many more technologies.

Priti also worked with the team on drafting India’s National policy for Electronic and Information Communication Technology. She has been a mentor to many accessibility test engineers, developers and subject matter experts. She is passionate about accessibility and with each day, month or year passing by the love for Accessibility is growing!