WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

Michele Butcher-Jones standing in front of Tampa Bay wearing a white shirt.

Michele Butcher-Jones (She/Her)

Can't Speak Geek

United States

About Michele Butcher-Jones

Michele Butcher-Jones is a lover of all things Open Source, a WordPress Core Contributor, an international speaker, and an avid campaigner to leave the world in a better place. She has spent over a decade helping others with their online presence including site building, maintaining, hosting, and security. Michele spends her working time between agency support and higher education. She also runs her own WordPress shop at 13Core and is the Head Geek at Can’t Speak Geek.

Her passion for making the web a better place doesn’t stop there! She gives back to the community as a Meetup Organizer for St Louis and the Lead Organizer for the Southern Illinois WordPress Meetup. Michele is typically up for any type of contributing to the WordPress Community often as a speaker, volunteer, answering questions in the forums, and teaching WordPress to beginners.

Now that she is an empty nester, Michele is spending her time as a photographer, traveler, and collector of jewelry. She is currently working on her first book set to be completed in 2023, and is always down for an adventure, especially if it involves great food or drinks.