WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

Laura Hopkins is a white woman in her 60's with shoulder-length light brown hair. She is standing outside and is wearing black framed glasses and a yellow jacket.

Laura Hopkins (She/Her)

Electronic and Information Resources Accessibility Coordinator (EIRAC)

The University of Texas at Arlington

United States

About Laura Hopkins

Laura has served as UTA’s EIRAC since 2018 — working with leadership across campus to build an electronic accessibility program that works daily to ensure all of UTA’s electronic resources are accessible to everyone. Laura will be presenting at Educause’s Virtual Conference on Oct. 18, 2023 sharing the VPAT® scorecard she created. The scorecard has a number of features including: assigns a letter grade on accessibility, assigns a level of risk associated with using the resource, provides a summary of which types of disabilities are expected to encounter issues using the resource, and helps identify how to prioritize remediation efforts. Email accessibility@uta.edu if you would like a copy of the scorecard.