WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

Julia wearing a rose-printed corduroy blazer, yellow plastic earrings and necklace and red dress. She is standing in the corner in front of 2 windows, smiling and holding her very large black cat named Punkin. Julia is a tall white queer cis-gender woman with dark brown hair pulled into a ponytail, and hazel eyes

Julia Murray (she/her)

Principal Product Designer, Label Insight / Lecturer, Texas State University

Label Insight, Texas State University

United States

About Julia Murray

Julia is a Principal UX Designer at Label Insight and an Interaction Design instructor at Texas State’s Communication Design Program. Since 2017, she’s been deeply immersed in accessible design, sharing insights at companies and educational institutions including 8th Light, Label Insight, UCLA Extension, and the University of Missouri Information Experience Lab.

Julia holds a BFA in Communication Design from Texas State University and a Certificate in Learning Experience Design from the University of Toronto. She resides in Chicago with her wife and five cats, and during the warmer months, you’ll find her in her wild backyard pulling weeds.

Julia is excited to contribute as a volunteer video editor for Word Press Accessibility Day, working towards a more inclusive digital landscape.