WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

Birgit Olzem is a white woman in her 40's with short brown hair and a big smile. Wearing reading glasses like a tiara and a white scarf with different colored dots.

Birgit Olzem (she/her)

WordPress Specialist | #WPDiversity Advocate

CoachBirgit Media


About Birgit Olzem

Meet Birgit Olzem, a WordPress enthusiast extraordinaire with a penchant for community and a heart as open as the source code she loves. With a diverse background in psychology, design, development, and advising startups, small business owners, and solopreneurs, Birgit is a true Renaissance woman who knows a thing or two about juggling responsibilities.

Birgit has been smitten with WordPress since its inception, embracing its philosophy of sharing knowledge and fostering growth. As a private tutor and user trainer for WordPress and social media, she’s been on the front lines, empowering individuals with the tools and confidence to thrive in the digital world.

In her impressive 13-year journey of contributing to the WordPress project across various areas, Birgit has become a tireless advocate for mental health awareness, diversity, and recognizing the unsung heroes who don’t code. She champions the cause of supporting individual contributors, urging companies that profit from WordPress to empower these talented individuals to share their knowledge and skills with the community.

But wait, there’s more! Amid her passion for WordPress and advocacy, Birgit is a proud mother of five (nearly) adult children and doting grandmother to two adorable little ones. Recently, she victoriously bounced back from two total hip replacement surgeries, proving that she’s as resilient as the WordPress platform itself.

When she’s not busy consulting small business owners on building coherent personal brands, teaching, or organizing meetups and WordCamps, you can find Birgit basking in the sun with a steaming cup of coffee in hand, perhaps in a convertible Opel Cabriolet on vacation.

She’s currently on a new adventure, diving into the world of surface pattern design and fabric collection creation, adding yet another fascinating layer to her multi-passionate entrepreneurial repertoire. Birgit’s family-oriented spirit and warm humor infuse the digital realm with a touch of humanity, reminding us all of the importance of connection and community.

So, without further ado, allow us to present the inimitable Birgit Olzem – a woman who embodies the essence of WordPress, champions the power of community, and does it all with an unshakable sense of humor and a heart of gold.