WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

Woman with blue glasses and short brown hair smiling directly at the camera wearing a lopsided rust-colored beanie and a zip-up bomber jacket.

Amanda Roper (She/ Her/ Hers)

Program Manager

T. Rowe Price

United States

About Amanda Roper

Amanda Roper is currently an Accessibility Program Manager at T. Rowe Price Digital, in Philadelphia, PA. Originally from Denver, Colorado, she worked in key operational support roles at the University of Colorado at Boulder, CVS, the City of Denver, and the Natural Foods Industry. Amanda has devoted her career to companies and organizations pledging to make the world a better place and enjoys working with people who are fiercely curious. She is a self-described art nerd and has spent the past eight years supporting a variety of arts organizations at different levels. When she’s not solving accessibility issues in the world, she is screen printing, hiking, or in an art museum with one of her many vintage cameras by her side.