WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

Bronze skinned woman with freckles and short cropped hair, cheerfully smiling on a bright sunny day.

Alicia St Rose (she/her)


WP with Heart

United States

About Alicia St Rose

Alicia St. Rose is a WordPress Passionista. She has over 17 years working solely with WordPress as a designer and developer at her micro agency, WP with Heart. She enjoys empowering others to fearlessly navigate their WordPress dashboards and build pretty things through one-on-one coaching and her monthly subscription, Decked Out WP Content. She is also organizer of the South Central Coast WordPress Adventure Group, a twice monthly online helpdesk Meetup that’s been helping folks debug WordPress for over 6 years. In the last 3 years, Alicia has become an advocate for web Accessibility after realizing how very little of the web is actually Accessible. She is a WordPress Accessibility contributor and has presented at WP Accessibility Day. Alicia lives in Santa Barbara, CA with her two charming cats Milo and Oscar. You may also spot her kicking up the dust in Black Rock City, NV.